For a real, timely and effective control of business activities it is essential to use tools for dematerialization of business processes and documents

These tools must be fully integrated into the Corporate Governance system in order to provide real support both in the management and in the execution monitoring phase.

Here main areas and features of our ELECTRONIC DATA solution:



Dematerialization of documents ensures correctly stored, readily available, secure data retention


Document Repository: to associate any unrelated document archive to any system element (eg. regulatory, procedure, client, risk)


Ordinary electronic storage: for the elimination of paper copy and maintenance in accordance with legal and fiscal terms of any document


Protocol: to record documents and communications, with multiple protocol logs, electronic barcode, customizable indexes by document type


Email, PEC, fax, multifunctional integration: for multichannel and multi-media (paper, file, email) management and massive auto-capture from multiple sources


Certified electronic stamp: for marking and validation of the document


Searching with indexes and full-text: for free search in the archive of any word contained in archived files (email, attachments, office, pdf, txt) as well as information associated with the specific document type


Intranet Publishing: Allows you to publish, at your discretion, every single document on a folder-structured internal portal, accessed by specific profile profiles and access permissions



A handy tool for managing all the document management related tasks


Each single document management activity can have one or more links to the elements of all major archives:

  • Risks
  • Regulations
  • Process
  • procedures
  • Organization charts
  • Organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Products and Services
  • Other activities



Automated, programmed and customizable programmable alarms based on events, deadlines, timings

Customizable reporting for protocols, storage, sending emails, and delivery of PECs

Control charts of activities, document archives, …

In CGS-One, process and document dematerialization capabilities are fully integrated into the platform and can be used in any form that supports all management operations.


Internal and external processes can be reproduced and monitored to verify their effectiveness and congruity:

Business Process Management (BPM): Business Process Management (eg, Corrective Action Management)

Document Workflow: Managing the processing point of an electronic document or file (eg registration and billing authorization)

Project Management: Project management at unlimited levels consisting of activities assigned and executed within CGS-One (eg audit plan)


All the tools can be used in any combination of them and together with the document management capabilities

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