Governance Management, Risk Control, Compliance, Audit, IT

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CGS-One is a tool for anyone who has a need for verification, continuous compliance with regulations and quality in order to avoid design, production and compliance risks.

CGS-One allows you to manage in a single shared tool all the information and documents required for a simple, secure, and efficient management of all corporate governance functions such as Compliance, Risk, Audit, Quality, IT, Legal, Organization, Money laundering.

All features within a click

CGS-One includes all the features for:

Customize the risk map and their assessment
Analyze and define the organizational chart and business processes to be linked to risks and norms linking any risk, process, normative, organizational chart
Manage the central archive of regulations, with the historicization of changes and the analysis of the impacts on risks and processes
Produce reports, analysis, custom dashboards on any system element, such as ongoing activities, company risk level, implementation status of the audit plan, …
Automatically produce documents from custom templates
Archive multi media documents received through various channels such as email, PEC, voice mail, fax, paper, or external systems


All tools within a click

CGS-One contains all the tools to work in an integrated and optimized way, allowing you to save a lot of time operationally, as well as simplify tasks. Integrated into the system and available for use by any user in fact they are:

Electronic Document Documentation
Document Workflow
Business Performance Management
Project Management and GANTT
Business Protocol
Shared web agenda
Document Intranet
Send alert via email and SMS
Multi-format data extraction
Index of all archives

Time Machine Function retrieves all information about risks, organization charts, processes, norms related to a specific time period.

CGS-One supports organizations of any type and size, from the simplest to the most complex being multi-risk, multi-business, multi-language, multi-regulatory.

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