CGS-PVĀ THE solution for the Privacy Regulations

GDPR 679/2016, which enter into force on 25 May 2018, provides for all companies the obligation of very careful handling of personal data
and the obligation of notification and communication of a data breach in very tight times.

The penalties in case of non-compliance can reach up to 4% of the company’s turnover.

Companies and professionals must, therefore, equip themselves with structures and systems that will help them to comply with the law.

Thanks to its experience in the management of Governance and business processes, in collaboration with experts in the field of Privacy, Advanced CGS has developed the CGS-PV solution that meets the needs of all the companies involved.

The solution consists of an approach methodology (BDSM) and an IT solution for managing the procedures and data processing.

Through the use of easy-to-use questionnaires and reports, it is possible to define in a guided way the degree of adequacy with the law, define the risks for privacy and establish the appropriate mitigation actions up to complete compliance.

In case of incidents related to the loss or improper dissemination of data, it is possible to activate the procedure for reporting to the authorities of the data breach.



Guided procedure for determining the status quo regarding compliance with the GDPR. Includes:

Compilation and management of treatment register
Definition and calculation of related risks (DPIA)
Definition of mitigation actions and calculation of residual risk
Management procedures for:

Privacy by Design (PbD)
Data Protection Office and Data Protection Officer
Certifications, authorizations/interventions Authority Guarantor
Incident management
All actions taken are recorded and stored in a safe way to be ready for any inspections by the Guarantor or the competent Authorities.

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