CGS-AML a complete solution for Anti Money Laundering


For a real, effective and efficient governance of the anti-money laundering management process it is necessary to manage all the information, documents and activities related to each client and his behavior in relationship with the company in a single integrated system.

Whether it’s checking a client’s credentials, analyzing suspicious transactions or collecting reports of potential infractions, having the possibility of having a single integrated anti-money laundering tool is an important simplification and security factor.

Information, data, documents, activities, tools and services used to support anti-money laundering controls must be fully integrated into the Corporate Governance system in order to be able to control all transactions in a homogeneous, synchronized and consistent manner. With the AI engine integrated in the solution, management activities can be further simplified, making risk calculation fast and effective with customized algorithms and historical analysis, operations analysis, extraction of information from adverse media texts, intelligent search for similar cases for comparison, application of non-predefined algorithms to identify and evaluate hidden anomalous situations. CGS-AML offers this possibility by providing a single repository of consistent data and documents, easily accessible by users in respect of security and roles through an intuitive and easy to use interface and allows analysis, updating and monitoring according to the regulatory and specific parameters of each individual company.

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CGS-AML components The CGS-AML solution for anti-money laundering management includes the following functional modules:

  • KYC-MANAGER for customer profiling
  • NAME-CHECK for certified name checking
  • SOS-ANALYSIS for the behavioral analysis of the client with algorithms and customizable parameters
  • EV-SIG for reporting events Whistleblowing,  Market Abuse

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