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A New Era for LPD

LPD PRIME is the solution that offers
the tools needed to fully manage the requirements of the Directive, to be in control of every element related to data privacy.

Full Compliance

Fully compliant, you no longer need to worry about managing the privacy of your data.

Data Security

Data and access security at the highest level through encryption and two-factor authentication. Centralised information and ease of use.

Questionnaires and Reports

User-friendly questionnaires and reports through which privacy risks can be defined and appropriate mitigation actions can be established until full compliance is achieved.

Cloud Technology

Access via Cloud, with no need to install on your own servers and with secure access from any device. Ideal for Smart Working.

Elite Tool

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art tool to stay compliant with current regulations. A step forward in data privacy management.

Alert & Agenda

Automatic alerts on deadlines for tasks, files and documents. All your commitments in the agenda.


Compliance Services & Solutions

We take care of every aspect of corporate governance for you, integrating our fully customisable modules with your business systems.

We operate in various sectors including Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing 4.0, Government, Public Services.

Our elite line of compliance solutions includes AML, LPD and GRC (Governance, Risk, Management).


Full Compliance


The LPD PRIME solution is built on the CGS-ONE platform, which allows you to manage all the information and documents required for simple, secure and efficient business management in a single shared tool.

CGS-ONE is used by over 200 companies of all sizes operating in various sectors, with a preference for the financial/insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

Advanced CGS Group has achieved ISO:27001 certification for Information Management Security, published by the International Organization for Standardization.

Complete Solution

Full Analysis with LPD Prime

Treatment Register;

Calculation of processing risks and DPIA;

Information for staff, customers, suppliers, website;

Online and paper-based consent collection;

Data breach management;

Interface with the DPO.

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