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New collaboration between WBM Engineering and Advanced CGS Group.
We work together to design the industry of the future.
Artificial Intelligence applied to process automation innovation.

IndustriesFinance - Manufacturing - GOV

Finance & Insurance

Artificial Intelligence to execute the Anti-Money Laundering processes.

CGS-One allows you to manage all the information and documents required for a simple, secure, and efficient management of all corporate governance functions such as Compliance, Risk, Audit, Quality, IT, Legal, Organization, Anti-Money Laundering.

Finance Package include:

Manufacturing 4.0

The Quality of your operations fully under control, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Imagine a software that allows you to monitor all risks of your operations, a tool that can assure a fully compliance with your ISO, a tool that shows you in real time the Service Level Agreement status with your suppliers. An Artificial Intelligence tool that keep you up to date… You found it!


Manufacturing Package include:


With Artificial Intelligence, you ensure that your processes are effective and compliant.

CGS-One is a tool for anyone who has a need for verification, continuous compliance with regulations and quality in order to avoid design, production and compliance risks. Our Artificial Intelligence engine is at your disposal in order to improve quality and reduce compliance costs.

Government Package include:

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Solutions6 Products for your Corporate Governance


The solution according to the GDP (EU) Regulation 679/2016

GDPR 679/2016 provides for all companies the obligation of very careful handling of personal data. A must for every company.

Quality Management

Process, procedures, regulatory, standards, risks, activities,…

AI for reporting, controls, KPI and alerting complete the support to whole organization levels, from board to manager and operations.

Document Workflow

Digitize your Documents in an integrated way with our Document Workflow tool.

It allows the dematerialization of invoices and documents, and it's fully integrated into your Company's processes. AI-Driven.


Integrated Risk, Compliance, Organization and IT management

Governance Management, Risk Control, Compliance, Audit, IT. Thanks to our AI engine, everything is linked and compliant.


Integrated Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Artificial Intelligence at your disposal for a real, effective and efficient government of the anti-money laundering process.

ICT Risk

Risk Management and BIA (Business Impact Analisys) the for IT

Map of ICT Risks (Business Continuity, Basilea2, ISO, Vulnerability,…). The Artificial Intelligence engine ensure the quality and monitor.

True Connected GovernanceAI is the root to a connected Governance

– Process, risks, organization, rules, … are all inside documents and folders

– Relations are only «written» in the text

– Information silos and duplication

– Multiple problems -> Multiple solutions

– Process, risks, organitazion, rules, regulatory,… are all structured data

– Multiple relations among all the elements

– Information integrated, shared and unique

– Multiple problems -> One solution

CGS-One Overview360° Control over your company

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