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Corporate Governance

with CGS ONE




We have readymade solutions for all your governance challenges.


The Anti Money Laundering solution comes ready to manage and monitor risk evaluation, support online and offline onboarding procedure. At your disposal for a real, effective and efficient government of the anti-money laundering process.


This solution was created to manage the end-to-end process of suppliers to create industrial plants, managing the requirements and specifications required by each industry involved.


GDPR/LPD Privacy solution comes ready to manage the complete process of the GDPR/LPD compliance, implemented following ISO standard requirements.


The complete solution to manage all the needs of Governance, Risk and Compliance, implemented according to the requirements of the ISO standard, for management at the highest quality levels.


This solution helps you manage your operations and the internal and external audit process, implemented according to the requirements of the ISO standard, to remove any doubt about the effectiveness of your work.


It is the new solution for managing automatic response to messages (email, social, support,...). This tool is able to save precious time and money.

Our Features

Fully Customizable according to Your Unique Needs

Our solutions come already semi-complete, making it easier and faster to implement your data and processes. However, this does not compromise customization, which is completely adaptable to the tastes and needs of the customer.

Available both in the cloud or on premise

One software for full control of multiple  streams of data

No information silos or duplicated data

Highest level of security for your data and processes

Analyze every detail of your business processes

Integrated, shared and unique information across all business levels


We work closely with different types of Industries

Finance & Insurance

Manage all the information and documents required for a simple, secure, and efficient management of all corporate governance functions such as Compliance, Risk, Audit, Quality, IT, Legal, Organization, Anti-Money Laundering.

Manufacturing 4.0

Imagine a software that allows you to monitor all risks of your operations, a tool that can assure a fully compliance with your ISO, a tool that shows you in real time the Service Level Agreement status with your suppliers. 


CGS-One is a tool for anyone who has a need for verification, continuous compliance with regulations and quality in order to avoid design, production and compliance risks. Our Artificial Intelligence engine is at your disposal in order to improve quality and reduce compliance costs.

Let us tell you how we can improve your company’s security!

Every respectable company greatly values compliance with the regulations that apply to its field of work.
But often this process is complicated and time consuming.
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Full Control

Everything is Data

From the beginning to the end of the decision-making chain, CGS accompanies you in your choices, giving you control of your data.

Supervision begins at the operational stage

Monitoring passes through the management level

Decision support in the setting phase

Throughout the process, the regulations framework is kept on alert

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We can show you what we can do in your particular case to improve compliance management in your company. If you’re interested please contact us.